Hi Nuria — I hear you. I miss Arizona (and Callie) too. There actually is a lesbian character on Grey’s right now, Jaicy Elliot as Dr. Taryn Helm. They haven’t given her a love interest yet, but hopefully, they will soon. And, over on Station 19, one of the main characters is a lesbian (and an Olympic gold medalist!).

I know it doesn’t mean much for lesbian representation but there’s also a great plotline between two gay men this season on Grey’s, one of whom is Asian and portrayed as super attractive — a rarity on TV in so many ways.

As a Mexican American watching the show, I wish there were more Latinas. We’ve only had Callie and intern Sam Bello, who faced deportation (yikes!). That said, for a show/universe that tries to portray everyone, I think Grey’s does about as good as it gets. It’s certainly not perfect and when you focus on specific groups, you can find better representations of those groups (Latinx, lesbians, Muslims). But I applaud how big of a tent they’ve managed to create overall!

Professional feminist. Amateur woman, Chicana, mother, partner.

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